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Owner: Gina718

Gender: Female
Age: 35
Last Activity: 29 month(s) ago
Location: Sunnyside, New York
Country: United States

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Bear ♥ (In Loving Memory)
Hamster, Sable

Belle ♥ (Lost)
Hamster, Black Banded Syrian

Binky ♥ (In Loving Memory)
Hamster, Cream

Brandy ♥ (In Loving Memory)
Hamster, Dark Golden (Syrian)

Candy ♥ (In Loving Memory)
Hamster, Light Golden

Cat ♥ (In Loving Memory)
Hamster, Dark Golden

Charley ♥ (In Loving Memory)
Fish, Minnow

Church ♥ (In Loving Memory)
Cat, Russian Blue/Domestic Shorthair mix

Cinnamon ♥ (Rehomed)
Guinea Pig, Ridgeback/Abyssinian mix

Cookie ♥ (In Loving Memory)
Hamster, Black Banded Syrian

Cream ♥ (In Loving Memory)
Hamster, Cream Banded Syrian

Dutch ♥ (Rehomed)
Bird, Parakeet

Eevee ♥ (Rehomed)
Guinea Pig, Ridgeback

Falcora ♥ (In Loving Memory)
Bird, Choc./Chestnut Pied Society Finch

Floppy ♥ (In Loving Memory)
Guinea Pig, American

Fuzzy ♥ (In Loving Memory)
Fish, Siamese Fighting Fish/Betta

Garsia ♥ (Rehomed)
Bird, Parakeet

Keb ♥ (In Loving Memory)
Hamster, Golden Dominant Spot

Kronica ♥ (In Loving Memory)
Bird, Choc./Chestnut Pied Society Finch

Luna ♥
Dog, American Pit Bull Terrier

Lynx ♥ (Found)
Cat, Silver Tabby

Mayzie ♥
Dog, Ori Pei

Mickey ♥ (In Loving Memory)
Hamster, Golden Syrian

Moose ♥ (In Loving Memory)
Cat, Brown Patched Tabby

My Birds ♥(In Loving Memory)
Bird, Finches and Parakeets

Nala ♥
Cat, Tortoiseshell, Domestic Shorthair

Narc ♥ (In Loving Memory)
Bird, Dom. Chocolate Pied Society Finch

Old & Current Family Dogs ♥
Dog, Quiet a few different ones.

Optimmo ♥ (Rehomed)
Bird, Parakeet

PeeWee ♥ (In Loving Memory)
Hamster, Albino Honey Dom. Spot Teddy Bear

Phillie ♥ (In Loving Memory)
Bird, Parakeet

Puma, Acid, Ecstasy, Stubby,Biasell
Reptile, American Chameleon (Green Anole)

Raja, Sienna and Amadeus ♥
Cat, Tabby, Calico

Reeses ♥ (Rehomed)
Guinea Pig, Albino, Ridgeback/Abyssinian mix

Sabre ♥ (In Loving Memory)
Hamster, Extreme Dilute Cream Dominant Spot

Salem ♥
Cat, Havana Brown/Domestic Shorthair mix

Sandy ♥ (In Loving Memory)
Hamster, Golden Dominant Spot

Sasha, Cecile & Optimus
Cat, Domestic Shorthair

Shady ♥ (In Loving Memory)
Rabbit, Broken Chinchilla Mini Lop

Snails ♥ (In Loving Memory)
Other, Snails

Tiny ♥ (Lost)
Hamster, Honey Banded Syrian

Wuzzy ♥ (In Loving Memory)
Fish, Siamese Fighting Fish/Betta

Yayo ♥ (In Loving Memory)
Bird, Spice Finch

Zig & Zag♥(In Loving Memory)
Reptile, Red-Eared Slider

Pet: Nala ♥

Name Nala ♥
Nickname Moonie Moonie, Pootie Pootie
Species Cat
Breed Tortoiseshell, Domestic Shorthair
Those Crazy Torties
The Nala Club
Gender Female
Hometown Brooklyn
Country United States
Zipcode 11222
Birthdate 2000-09-03
Weight 15 lbs
Favorite Activity Sleeping, Playing tag, Playing with her toy mice/feather teaser and laser.
Favorite Park She's an indoor cat.
Favorite Treat Turkey, Chicken, Ham, Green Olives
Favorite Toy Laser pointer, Mice, Stuffed cat doll, Feather teaser
Favorite Shows When she was a kitten she used to watch Teletubbies and chase them around on the screen. Now she watches the news, which is really creepy if you think about it.
Best Trick Gives Hugs, Kisses, Catches bugs, Stalks my birds and stops on command (almost like a sheep dog), Has her own little way of letting me know when she wants her blanket, Knows what
Favorite Moments When I found her, When we play tag together.
Embarassing Moments When she fell off her bed while she was asleep, When she crawled into the towel cabinet while I wasn't looking and I wound up closing her inside and couldn't find her for 20 minutes until she started meowing.
Likes Being petted, Me, My grandmother, Playing, Dogs.
Dislikes Salem, Shady, Crowds, Strangers, Pretty much EVERYONE other than me and my grandmother, Vacuum cleaner, Other cats
My First Day Home I found her in a parking lot when she was just a kitten.
Bio Most adorable, friendly, sweet and intelligent cat ever! I love her with all my heart and I honestly don't know what I'd do without my lil Moonie Moonie!

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Jan 22, 2010 Animal Cruelty 1 Comments
Feb 04, 2009 Join The "Nala" Club! 0 Comments

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Posted By: 2012/05/21 05:02:12 PM
Hello My name is Miss lillian,i saw your profile today and became interested in you.i ant you to contact me with this my email address (lillianlovedesmond1@gmail.com) so i can give you my pictures and tell you about myself.please contact me directly to my

Posted By: BH@RN!3 2009/08/24 10:15:54 PM
tnx a lot.. x_X bhArnie is sO fLatered.. lol

Posted By: 2009/05/19 02:14:41 AM
hey we look so much alike meow!! ^^

Posted By: CB1 & CB2 2009/02/13 01:19:33 PM
Hi Nala.HAPPY HEARTS DAY.take care c:

Posted By: CB1 & CB2 2009/01/31 01:08:39 PM
Thanks nala!btw how are you?...your mom is really a pet lover.its really nice.meow!

Posted By: CB1 & CB2 2009/01/29 01:42:55 PM
hi nala!i like ur color its kinda unique.btw thanks 4 accepting my request.meow!

Posted By: 2007/09/28 08:48:20 PM
Hey u cutie !! Hows u doin' ? { Check out my last blog when u get a chance }

Posted By: 2007/08/10 03:00:44 PM
Yeah, mommy gets those dumb content links here !!!...Its getting rather annoying too !! MOL

Posted By: 2007/08/10 02:49:49 AM
Feel free to add us !!...Mommy has a few pix of me, Murphy, Jasmine, and Ashes there too !!

Posted By: 2007/08/10 02:48:52 AM
Heres my mommy's MySpace Link...http://www.myspace.com/nback_03

Posted By: 2007/07/27 06:41:42 PM
Talk about being lucky !!

Posted By: 2007/07/27 06:40:58 PM
Murphy, and me, and Nickys mother have been living in a hotel since may-29th !!..& we're stuck living in the hotel til possably the end of August !!

Posted By: 2007/07/27 06:39:31 PM
Both Murphy and I posted blogs about that house fire too !!, Check'em out !

Posted By: 2007/07/27 06:38:59 PM
We were ALL shocked that Murphy survived the exteme smoke inhalation that he suffered then...As old as he is !! { Hes 14 !! }

Posted By: 2007/07/27 06:37:10 PM
yeah, mama know tories are supposed to bring good luck !!...I guess thats why grandma, me, and Murphy survived the house fire that we had back on may-29th !!

Posted By: 2007/07/27 06:34:14 PM
btw..I love the 28th pic of you !!! u look so funny with ur mouth open like that !! ROTFM

Posted By: 2007/07/27 06:32:49 PM
But...I'm lovin' it though !!!...I'm well spoiled by her 3 cousins !!

Posted By: 2007/07/27 06:32:17 PM
Mommys just sad that i wasnt getting along with the dog !!, Now I live with her aunt/uncle !!!

Posted By: 2007/07/27 06:31:23 PM
I guess it comes from being found as a pregnant stray !!

Posted By: 2007/07/27 06:30:43 PM
At first when i meet new ppl, i'm usually a lil' hissy at first, but just as soon as i smell them, and stuff ...I'm quite the lover

Posted By: 2007/07/27 06:22:48 PM
I can be a lil' doll of a girl !!!... I'm sooooooo sweet, A lil' timid at first, but I do warm up rather fast !! BOL

Posted By: 2007/07/27 06:21:52 PM
Thanks ! everyone things i look like a doll in that pic !!

Posted By: 2007/07/20 03:18:55 PM
Hi Nala...I'm Stormy, I'm Tortis son !!! MOL

Posted By: 2007/07/20 03:18:14 PM
You should be friends with my son too !!...He is a Tortishell just like us !!!!!, And Male tortishells are rare !!

Posted By: 2007/07/20 03:12:27 PM
Oh My !!!...Ur such a beautiful kitty !!!, Thanks 4 being my friend !!

Posted By: Maggie 2007/07/19 07:36:53 PM
HI SWEETIE! You are very pretty!

Posted By: Ezra 2007/07/19 05:57:42 AM
here is a pat and a vote :-)

Posted By: Nala 2006/11/02 08:57:13 PM
Very cool name! Would you consider voting for my brother Nemo for petster of the month?

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